My name is Deepika Viswanath. This is my official website, which I'm so excited to share! I was born and raised in the Bay Area, CA.  I'm an new author (and by hobby, an artist- go to the 'contact' tab to view my art Instagram account). I am currently working on my first book, a detective thriller called buried Secrets: the Three story collection of Dominic Rivers and Bert Tomlin Mysteries, which will be published by next year (2021).  


I am passionate about writing- thrillers, drama, and romance and biographies are my favorite type of books. My writer's specialties are Plot twists, unusual story lines, and dialogue based stories.


When I am not writng, I like to create productivity items, and educational resources like journals and planners.  Watch my product preview video below. I also like to draw, listen to music, and watch basketball :)